Eric Marecki ASLA

Senior Associate

Eric Marecki

Eric Marecki is fascinated with the process of bringing a project from an idea into three-dimensions. At Studio-MLA he is very hands on, leading projects from design concept through construction implementation, and often getting into the weeds of construction detailing and devising building solutions with contractors in the field. Eric enjoys discovering new materials, sustainable practices, and plant cultivars. His work includes a wide spectrum of project types including urban infill developments, on-structure landscapes, and complex infrastructure projects. He is committed to meaningful collaboration and works closely with project owners and clients to achieve a cohesive design. Eric is devoted to excellence in design, climate-appropriate practices, and improved livability and provides leadership in applying sustainable principles to all projects. Currently Eric manages the Los Angeles NFL Entertainment District retail and performance venue, and leads plant design for the project. He earned his Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning from Ball State University.

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