Jean Yang ASLA, APA

Project Designer

Jean Yang

With a background in landscape architecture, urban planning, geographic information systems and economics, Jean Yang brings a multi-disciplinary approach to her work. Her ability to translate between city policy, community need, economic feasibility, and aesthetic experience has helped build public space in historically challenged areas. Prior to Studio-MLA, Jean built productive public spaces and development guidelines in the Kibera slums of Kenya, South Los Angeles, and El Segundo’s abandoned industrial sector. She came to landscape architecture to envision and create places where people can come together to build community and consensus. Jean also taught Urban Design studios at UCLA and landscape architecture studios at Cal Poly Pomona. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Government from Cornell University, her Master of Urban Planning from UCLA, and her Master of Landscape Architecture from USC.

Select Projects

  • Crenshaw Corridor Linear Museum
  • Hollywood Park Office
  • Hollywood Park Retail
  • Macerich Properties Stormwater Improvements