Molly Fancler ASLA

Project Designer

Molly Fancler

Molly Fancler is passionate about using landscape design and holistic systems-thinking to solve environmental problems in a site-specific, tangible way. Prior to Studio-MLA, she worked with Copenhagen’s Schulze + Grassov landscape architecture and urban design studio where she experienced the positive benefits of a population energized by thoughtfully-designed public space. Molly joined MLA to address larger environmental issues while showcasing all that California’s landscape has to offer, and bring quality public space to LA’s many diverse communities. She is currently working on the Vision Plan for UCLA’s Mildred Mathias Botanical Gardens, a renovation of Beverly Gardens, and site solutions for the Nature Gardens at the Natural History Museum. Molly earned a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies from UCLA and a Master of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism from USC.

Select Projects

  • Beverly Gardens Park Restoration Plan
  • Griffith Park Horticultural Center
  • Manzanita School
  • Nature Gardens site solutions
    at the LA County Natural History Museum
  • UCLA Mildred Mathias Botanical Garden
  • UCLA Franz Hall