Senior Associate

Todd Brant

Todd Brant is a landscape architect with 26 years of experience leading a wide range of projects from conceptual design through final production. He coordinates multidisciplinary project teams, facilitates public workshops and meetings, and assists with obtaining entitlements and regulatory approvals. At the core of his practice is a passion for designing healthy, sustainable environments that nurture their ecological, social and cultural context. Todd approaches landscape architecture with an eye towards detail. He seeks complex solutions that look simple and feel right in their execution. Whether working with 19th century parks or modern LA landscapes, his designs reflect their site’s contextual vocabulary while serving the community’s needs. Todd’s designs are tailored to fit the specific environmental and cultural circumstances of the site and result in making people feel comfortable, welcome, and present. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Pennsylvania State University.

Select Projects

  • College Station
  • ROW Downtown LA
  • Hollywood Park Lake Park and Streetscapes
  • Asheville's Pack Square
  • Biltmore Park Town Square
  • The Ramble Biltmore Forest
  • San Pedro Creek Culture Park
  • Summerset at Frick Park