Hunters Point Vision Plan

Hunters Point Vision Plan

Hunters Point Power Plant—remediated and ready for planning—is the product of years of collaboration with community and regulatory stakeholders since the early 2000s, including remediating the majority of the site to a residential standard, guaranteeing maximum flexibility for future redevelopment, and building the Hunters Point Shoreline to inaugurate productive reuse of the site. A rich mixture of hands and hearts have contributed to the site’s progress, including multiple planning and design teams over time.

Working with our client and design partners, Studio-MLA was part of a new land use planning and visioning process. The objectives include encouraging development that promotes a diverse mix of uses and densities, development of a broad range of housing types (including a permanent and resilient middle class housing stock in addition to affordable housing), and creating a public realm of gathering spaces, plazas, green spaces, public venues, and streetscapes that provide natural, recreational, commercial, and social opportunities for both residents and visitors.

Our analyses and designs emphasize sustainability and resilience through setting a benchmark for sustainable practices related to energy, water, and climate resilience, and defining ecologically-sensitive environmental features that actively benefit the well-being of the neighborhood. The scheme also provides a comprehensive transit-first strategy pursuant to the San Francisco General Plan that focuses on pedestrian safety, reduced automobile dependence, and enhanced public life while integrating with the surrounding community and providing effective circulation for all modes.

The Hunters Point Vision Plan creates a new community as well as enables current residents to successfully remain a part of a thriving, pleasant, and self-sustaining new neighborhood.




31 acres


San Francisco, California



Project team

  • Urb-in Urban Design
  • Tatiana Bilbao Estudio Architect
  • P.A.U. Architect
  • Envelope A+D Architect