Second Street Elementary School

Second Street Elementary School

Founded in 1895 and located in Boyle Heights, Second Street Elementary is one of the District’s oldest schools. A neighborhood school, Second Street is home of a Dua Language Program. Site design was inspired by the LA River that connects classes and outdoor activities through a central garden hub that is both planted and tended to by students.

Based on existing site soils, the use of retention & bio-infiltration stormwater BMPs such as vegetated bioswales was not feasible. We were restricted to biotreatment by priority BMPs therefore a Modular Wetland System was placed in the parking lot, the low spot on site. Stormwater overflow will sheet waters downwards to treat the parking lot, the most polluted area of the site. A portion of the Modular Wetland System was designed to sit above grade to be used as a environmental educational tool.


Los Angeles Unified School District


3.9 acres


Boyle Heights, CA



Project team

  • TPB Architects Architect