Nuevo Sur

Nuevo Sur

Nuevo Sur is poised as the new paradigm for living within the city of Monterrey and the country of Mexico. This project creates a livable and human-scaled environment in a densely developed urban place by adhering to its founding principle – connect people to nature at every turn.

The site design concept for Nuevo Sur amplifies the dialogue between urban and natural experience and examines how they are distinguished and enmeshed. What can happen when the vibrantly urban street edge of Avenue Revolucion meets the meandering curves of Rio Silla? Cues related to the contrasting urban and natural forms appear throughout the project.

The project extends the prominent corridor of Avenue Covarrubius into the site itself, creating a spine for circulation and an organizing element for the most important spaces to occur, including the Central Plaza, Community Park, and River Promenade. The design builds upon this framework, sequencing the experience of the user as they travel from the bustling urban realm to the natural environment, accentuated by transforming geometries from tectonic to organic and materials from manufactured to naturalized.


MIRA, a subsidiary of Black Creek Group


45 acres


Monterrey, Mexico



Project team

  • Legoretta Arquitectos Lead Architect
  • Grow Arquitectos Architect
  • Ten Arquitectos Architect